About Jacki Ojakian

Frenchmans Reserve Specialist

(561) 626-7272 
(561) 371-6529

Jacki has a 12+ year reputation for being Palm Beach Gardens’ leading luxury real estate professional. She integrates her expertise in high-end real estate, decorating, and construction design... to consistently identify and exceed each client’s stringent expectations.

“Listening is an undervalued skill,” Jacki says. “When you really listen carefully to customers, and understand exactly what they want, you can deliver it with pride and professionalism… where every last detail is addressed.”

Jacki knows the luxury real estate market as well as anyone in the industry; and has consistently been a top producer at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities where she specializes at:

• Frenchman’s Reserve
• Mirasol
• San Michele
• Luxury Communities throughout Northern Palm Beach County.


Waterfront Properties & Club Communities

Over the past thirty years we have built a dedicated service organization committed to assisting you when you are selling or buying on the water or in club communities. In 21 Southeastern Florida towns between North Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Stuart, we offer waterfront and club community properties from $250,000 to over $50 million.

Our specialists can give you quick and accurate information because they are specialists, not jacks of all trades. Each agent only markets properties in confined part of our 21-town area.

We confine ourselves to assisting only buyers and sellers of waterfront and club properties. That's why we can offer an uncommon level of service. Our agents know their area and specialty like the back of their hand so that they can help you make informed decisions.